SoundTalks is a spin-off of three different research units from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (M3-BIORES and PMA) and the University of Milan (M. Guarino).


Measure, Model and Manage Bio Responses (M3-BIORES) is the former Laboratory for Agricultural Buildings Research, of the Department Biosystems of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven).

Starting from research on larvae, mussels, plants and fish the research evolved to real time measurements of responses of animals. It was clear that all living organisms respond in an individual way to the environment and that these so called bioresponses are time-varying since they depend on age, health status, mental status, etc...The research group focused on techniques and algorithms to monitor and to predict responses of living organisms in real time for each individual at a given moment. M3-Biores has now a staff of more than 20 enthusiastic researchers. It is one of the biggest scientific groups working worldwide in the field of integration of biological responses in the monitoring and control of living organisms (www.m3-biores.com)


PMA (Production engineering, Machine design and Automation) is a division of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KU Leuven.

PMA carries out research in the areas of production engineering, machine design and mechatronics. More specifically, the research themes include new production processes, CAD/CAM/CAPP, assembly automation, dimensional metrology and reverse engineering, machine and instrument design, structural dynamics and acoustics, motion control, programming and control of robots and intelligent machines, and life cycle engineering. The Noise and Vibration Research Group of the PMA division has a well-established research experience in the field of noise and vibration analysis of mechanical structures, room acoustics and sound source localization (www.mech.kuleuven.be/en/pma).


Dott.ssa Marcella Guarino, Dott.ssa Sara Ferrari

The expertise of the VSA's Bioengineering Group consists in the application of Precision Livestock Farming for animal welfare and health monitoring through sound and image analysis. The VSA Bioengineering group performs studies in the bioacustic field, studying animals respiratory diseases trough cough sounds analysis, intensive farming adaptive stress trough animal's vocalization, wild animal's individuality identification trough specific calls and bee sounds. Image analysis is also a topic research in the group and mainly regards animal aggressions and abnormal behaviors trough image analysis. Scientific methodology for manual and automatic labeling are also key researches both for sound and Image. Other areas of research of the group involve livestock farming gaseous emissions, air quality control and Electronic Nose odour assessment. The aim is to solve issues that arise between environment, humans and animals by multi-disciplinary research.