SoundTalks's mission is to bring automated tools that are based on the analysis and/or localization of sounds to monitor, diagnose and improve system processes and/or quality of life.

For economical reasons, the number of animals per farm(er) has increased drastically over the last decades and will continue to rise further in the future. Due to this trend, it has become impossible for farmers and veterinarians to observe large herds on a frequent basis. Fast detection and identification of infections remains, however, extremely important for the economic result of the growth cycle, since a multitude of parameters are affected when a disease occurs in the herd: i.e. grow rates, feed conversion rates, cost of antibiotics, working hours, lean meat percentages, homogeneity of the group, rounds per year, lung scores, etc.


SoundTalks offers easy to use, automated monitoring tools to assist the farmer and the veterinarian in their daily decisions in the management process. Based on objective data, faster and more accurate actions can be undertaken in order to optimize the growth process and ensure an improved economic result. By using SoundTalks monitoring systems, diseases can be detected earlier and animals can be treated on an individual basis, rather than with group treatments. In this way, the overall use of antibiotics can be reduced and a sustainable way of livestock farming can be achieved to build upon in the coming decades!


Pharmaceutical companies can also benefit from SoundTalks monitoring systems in the development phase of new products. Most of the current test trials of new antibiotics are very labour intensive, making it difficult and expensive to come up with high quality, objective data over longer experiments. SoundTalks monitoring tools can offer a more objective evaluation of the health status of the test group, at a much lower cost.


SoundTalks aims to extend its current product portfolio with new applications in the livestock industry in the upcoming years. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and we invite you to contact us to know more about the exciting possibilities of the SoundTalks concepts.