Our CEO, Dries Berckmans, gave an interview to 'VRT Nieuws' on our Pig Cough Monitor. Together with a farmer, and a veterinarian, Dries explains how the Pig Cough Monitor works and what the benefits are for the entire sector: healthier animals and better growth.

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SoundTalks has entered the last stage in the LessAntibiotics project. The project allows us to develop a new cough algorithm for piglets. Early detection of health issues can help reduce the use of antibiotics for piglets. Our algorithm is still in development but has already shown many promising results.

In order to promote Precision Livestock Farming in Flanders, SoundTalks has joined the 'Demo PLF Vlaanderen' project.  Pig cough monitors are being installed in 10 different farms across Flanders. The goal is to have the participating farmers get a hands-on experience with PLF technology. There will also be discussion- and demonstration days where they can talk about their experience with fellow farmers.

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SoundTalks proudly announce that Interferm AG has officialy become a sales agent for the SoundTalks SOMO product line in Switzerland! Interferm AG has over 25 years of experience in the industry of feed additives and we are convinced that this collaboration will be of mutual benefit.

Originally INTERFERM AG goes back to the company Inter Chemie AG and Opopharma AG, founded both the early 40-ies years and were active in the sale of products for the markets of pharmaceutical, food and feed industry.

1990 Inter Chemie AG merged with the Agro Division of Opopharma AG INTERFERM AG...

The pig cough monitor was mentioned in a recent video of the Dutch TV channel KRO-NCRV. The journalist was absolutely overwhelmed by the possibilities of cough monitoring on pigs. SoundTalks is very proud that more and more farmers are becoming convinced that early detection of respiratory diseases really improves the farmers’ revenues.

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