Cooperation SoundTalks Interferm AG

SoundTalks proudly announce that Interferm AG has officialy become a sales agent for the SoundTalks SOMO product line in Switzerland! Interferm AG has over 25 years of experience in the industry of feed additives and we are convinced that this collaboration will be of mutual benefit.

Originally INTERFERM AG goes back to the company Inter Chemie AG and Opopharma AG, founded both the early 40-ies years and were active in the sale of products for the markets of pharmaceutical, food and feed industry.

1990 Inter Chemie AG merged with the Agro Division of Opopharma AG INTERFERM AG, a subsidiary of Mineral-Chemie AG, an established trading company with chemical specialties for the Petrolium- and petrochemical industry, for mainly in Central Europe.

1997 acquired the CEO of INTERFERM AG and Mineral-Chemie AG 100% of the shares of the company as well as the stores of the mineral-Chemie AG and Sintco AG.

2006 INTERFERM AG Dr. Lyons was PT. sold. The company now operates under the authority of Ralf Bley from location Reiden.