First Pig Cough Monitor results in ALL-SMART-PIGS project available

SoundTalks delivers first cough monitor results of the EU-funded ALL-SMART-PIGS project. Our cough monitor detected a high level of coughing in one compartment, although the respiratory problem was not noticed by the local stockmen.

All-Smart-Pigs news release: technology providers have finished the installation on farms, all technologies are operational and give the first results!

As stands to be expected in innovative projects, some issues still arise from time to time, but the technologies are now online and we are collecting data for the first fattening round. Internet access proves to be challenging, but data is collected anyway and transferred whenever the connection is stable.

The low internet signal on one of Spanish farms has been improved adding a new mast in a close village that provide much better quality signal. Extra environmental sensor has been offered by PLF Agritech to install on one of the Spanish farms, providing more and better information to be recorded and analysed.

One of the Hungarian farmer (Karakai) had the opportunity to test SoundTalks technology live and detected a high level of coughing in one compartment, priorly unnoticed. The farmer was much pleased by the early detection.
Localization of Nema traceability system has been done to facilitate the use of the system for farmers in Spain and Hungary.