SOMO product line launched

SoundTalks is proud to present its brand new SOMO product line. The SOMO product line includes two portable measurement platforms both focussed on high-quality audio and climate sensor data. Our many years of experience in on-farm measurement is translated into this brand new design. The outer shell protects the state of the art measurement computer from the harsh conditions on the farm. Packed with lots of processing power, the measurement computer enables real-time acoustic and environmental monitoring.

SOMO is intended for farmers and veterinarians who require future proof continuous livestock monitoring, without the hassle of complex settings and installation procedures. The SOMO hardware is compatible with the microphones, temperature sensors and relative humidity sensors provided by SoundTalks.

SOMO+ is intended for researchers. SOMO+ includes all the advantages of SOMO, but adds serious multi-core processing power and massive RAW audio storage (over 4 months). SOMO+ users can use advanced settings if desired. These settings include measurement schedules and remote data control.