SoundTalks at the EC-PLF conference

The European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming (EC-PLF) takes place every 2 years. The 7th edition of EC-PLF will be held in Milan, Italy, from 15 to 18 September 2015. Precision livestock farming (PLF) is a livestock management technology that puts the living animal in the centre and equipment around the animal to measure it’s response. During the last (6th) edition of the EC-PLF conference it was demonstrated how PLF can support and improve techniques to make smart farming a reality, creating added value for many stakeholders: animals, farmers, veterinarians, feed and product suppliers, health services, retailers, policy makers and of course the consumer.

The two use cases that we present during the EC-PLF conference in Milan were recorded in the framework of the project EU-PLF under the Seventh Framework Programme ( The research work that was done with the respiratory distress monitor for pigs clearly shows that the early warnings given by the automated tool are very userful for the early detection of both technical problems and disease outbreaks on different commercial farms. By swift and appropriate action (treatment and management decisions), production losses can be reduced and animal health and welfare can be increased.

More information about the EC-PLF conference can be found on the website of the conference: This edition of the conference also includes the 3rd project workshop of the EU-PLF project, in which SoundTalks is also involved. The workshop discussions will be focused on how innovative technologies can be adapted to the livestock farming, through the strong collaboration among experts of scientific disciplines and partners of the industry, including SMEs like SoundTalks.