Together with market partner Fancom, SoundTalks has taken part in the biggest trade fair for animal production in the world: EuroTier (

At Eurotier, the Pig Cough Monitor was presented to the broad public. The pig cough monitor is a device that continuously monitors the occurrence of coughing in a compartment of pigs by automated analysis of sounds recorded in the pig house.

[source: Fancom BV]
Sound analysis

SoundTalks delivers first cough monitor results of the EU-funded ALL-SMART-PIGS project. Our cough monitor detected a high level of coughing in one compartment, although the respiratory problem was not noticed by the local stockmen.

All-Smart-Pigs news release: technology providers have finished the installation on farms, all technologies are operational and give the first results!

As stands to be expected in innovative projects, some issues still arise from time to time, but the technologies are now online and we are collecting...

July 17, 2013.

SoundTalks' partner Fancom BV receives the Innov’ Space Award 2013 for the Pig Cough Monitor. The Pig Cough Monitor will be presented on the Fancom stand during SPACE in Rennes, France, stand C34 in hall 2/3.

The system consists of a small computer and 2 microphones. Sound is recorded continuously and pig cough sounds are automatically separated from all other recorded sounds. The number of detected pig coughs is graphically presented to the end-user (farm, veterinarian...) and alarms are raised when thresholds are exceeded.

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SoundTalks takes part in the European cooperation project EU-PLF. The project is a European project for Precision Livestock Farming and is aimed at continuous automatic monitoring of animal welfare in real-time.

SoundTalks will be delivering it’s algorithm for cough detection. We are aiming to improve our cough algorithm during the project, and to prove the added value of the tool on real commercial farms.

For more information, please visit the website of the project: .

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SoundTalks receives the Lionel Van den Bossche award from the King Badouin Foundation for its Pig Cough Monitor! The Lionel Van den Bossche fund supports innovative projects of promising starting entrepreneurs in Belgium. With a yearly price, the funds wants to support young entrepreneurs that are in the business for a few years.

More information (in Dutch) about this price can be found at the following link: