Pig respiratory distress package

This package contains SOMO, pig respiratory distress monitoring (RDM) software and a SoundTalks microphone. The package allows the user to start monitoring the respiratory health in less then 5 minutes. Distress monitoring software comes pre-installed on the SOMO when you order this package.

This package can be expanded with additional temperature and relative humidity sensors if desired.


The SOMO is the perfect portable hardware platform to process audio in real-time and to make environmental measures in harsh conditions. The device is shockproof, waterproof and dust tight and can even withstand the high ammonia concentrations that are typically encountered in livestock houses.

Respiratory distress monitor (RDM)

RDM assists farmers and veterinarians in their continuous task of monitoring the health status of large groups of pigs, in order to improve the health status and growth performances of the animals in a long term, sustainable way. The software includes the SOMO RDM software, added functionality for mySoundTalks and a respiratory distress early warning system.


The SoundTalks microphone enables audio analysis in harsh environments. The microphone element is protected by a waterproof membrane. The membrane was selected because of its excellent acoustic properties. While adding the required protection, the membrane allows for natural, clear audio.

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