The SOMO is a shockproof, waterproof and dust tight device that is designed for use in livestock houses despite the high heat, ammonia levels and relative humidity. The SOMO can record temperature and relative humidiy, whilst simultaneously processing audio recordings. A single SOMO device can be equipped with 1 microphone, 1 relative humidity sensor and 2 temperature sensors at the same time.

The SOMO is part of our pig respiratory distress package, where audio recordings are processed to measure respiratory distress in a group of pigs. When raw audio recordings need to be stored on the device, please check our SOMO+.


The SOMO is an easy to use, portable device. As soon as the device is powered, sensor output will be captured. The SOMO will detect automatically which sensors are attached to the device.

The SOMO can be used in on-line or off-line mode. When connected to the internet, the SOMO will send data to the online MySoundTalks visualisation tool in real-time. This means that you now can see the results of your measurements from anywhere in the world where you have internet connection. When the SOMO is not connected to the internet, the monitoring tool will store the sensor output (temperatures, relative humidities and processed audio) locally. Once reconnected to the internet, all data will again be sent to the online MySoundTalks visualisation tool.

Disinfection of the tool is easy, as the SOMO device can be sprayed or washed with all disinfection detergents.


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